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   Latest News

OK, here's is the latest and greatest happenings at G.H.M.G

Fist off, I would like to invite everyone to make use of my   Feedback   form and also the new Discussion Forum  called Gear Talk .  These are two great areas built exclusively for you the customer.  Feedback is a ready made form for you to fill out and tell me, what a screw up I am, or how I saved your day. Hopefully the later.  I welcome all your comments,  this is how I am going to learn to improve my service, product choices and  overall effort to do a great job for you.  Doing a good job for you is my #1  priority.  As the small guy on the block, I have to take extra special effort to make sure I retain your business.  I'm not the big box store, so to compete I make it up with personal service as my specialty.  Please note, when you deal with G.H. Music Group you are dealing with the man at the top right from the get go. No corporate schmoose job here running you around the block.  When it's either right or wrong and you reach out to solve your problem or give your praise, you start right at the top with me.  So, send me some Feedback or jump on the Gear Talk forum and let your voice be heard.

   New Products

I am excited about this summer as I am going to make a strong effort to add a boat load of new products to the store.  I have had many suggestions and these are the areas
I am looking at to load up on.  

  • World instruments, African and Middle Eastern Drums and Percussion

  • Brass, Wind and Strings, Instruments and accessories

  • Guitar gear, Boutique Amp lines, Stomp Boxes and Pedals

  • Pro Mics and wireless systems

  • Karaoke Gear, Mixers, Amps, etc.

  • Spanish Instrument, Videos and Books, I will continue to increase product selection in this department.

If you have additional comments or suggestions please let me know.



For those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, I can at times can be a little wacky and off the wall.  :0)   Hey, what's life with out a little fun.  Speaking of fun I intend in the future to have some wacky and off the wall contests or give aways to  entertain you.  This should be fun, so stay posted and maybe you'll be a wiener, I mean winner.  See, there I go already..................

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Here's where I stroke you to sign up for my email list.  It's easy, it will save you a lot of Money and obviously it will make me money.  So you say G.H. what about our privacy,
are you going to Spam us, will I be able to get off your the list if I want to?  

Survey says............

  • Privacy, I guarantee you, I will never sell, divulge, give away or make accessible any of the information you give.  For the email list all I need is your email address,
    no hoops to jump through, no surveys, no tell me everything in the planet about you, it's none of my business, no nada.  Join the list with your email address and that's it.

  • Spam, Never, I'd be a complete idiot to do that, and even though my wife thinks at times that is what I am, trust me I am not and I won't Spam you.

  • Quit the list, no problem, Just send me and email that you want off and So it is Spoken so it Shall be Done!!!   

  • Why should I join, what's in it for me?  Do ya wanna save MONEY???
    if yes join, only the list members receive my best pricing.  They see all the unadvertised specials, Blow Outs and Give aways that I can't put on my web site!!!  Get it? Got it, GOOD!!!   Win, Win, Baby  :0)

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    Da Close

Nuff said, famous quote of Stan Lee from Marvel Comics, By now you are probably thinking what in the hell does Marvel Comics have to do with a Music Store?

Well let me tell ya something, nothing, except that reading comics was always and enjoyable fun, entertaining time and that is exactly what I want your shopping experience to be here at G.H. Music Group.  If you don't like it, you aren't coming back, so my job is see to it that you do.  Think of me as the Daffy Duck of the Music Business....................Mr. Wacky with the Deal!!!

As always  Nuff said

Thank You,


Glenn Hendricks

Glenn Hendricks Music Group

If you have additional comments or suggestions please let me know.


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